The next generation cushion.

Features that completely change our ideas of cushions
Cushion material is chosen based on several factors, including feel, size and cost. What if we told you that there was material available surpassing that which is currently found in ordinary cushions?

Breathability that will leave you breathless. Weight displacement you can see with the naked eye. Toss it whole in the washing machine, defying conventional wisdom. Light enough to carry, it has an eco-friendly design. Topping it off is our fast-acting odor eliminating BreezeBronze cover.

  BreezeAir® provides superior comfort thanks to its high level of functionality.

BreezeAir® contains materials surpassing those found in ordinary cushions.
Breathability that will leave you breathless and weight displacement you can see with the naked eye. Thanks to its bacteriostatic manufacturing, it can be used in hospitals and nursing care facilities. Toss it whole in the washing machine, defying conventional wisdom. Light enough to carry it’s made with eco-friendly materials, and it compresses and reforms to fit your needs. These features comprise the standards of the next generation cushion.

  BreezeAir®: Making your life more comfortable with superior materials and quality.


The Material

The surface of BreezeAir® looks like several overlapping white fibers. Depending on the angle it may even look instant ramen; however this is actually polyester thermoplastic elastomers. They hold the characteristics of both rubber and engineering plastics, creating a hard, resistant surface that is perfect for various kinds of manufacturing.
  Exceptional Breathability, BreezeAir’s design uses a 3 dimensional spring structure to evenly distribute weight across the surface of the cushion, allowing air to smoothly pass through, greatly reducing the amount of heat generated.
  And BreezeAir® gently compresses to any point of pressure, and quickly reforms. Compared to polyurethane and other such materials, it prevents long-lasting impressions.
  BreezeAir® avoids placing pressure on a single point, and instead evenly displaces weight across the contact surface of the cushion. This minimizes the amount of stress to your body as well as the stuffiness caused by cushion impressions.
  Most ordinary cushions are simply thrown away as trash; however BreezeAir® is made green materials that release only small levels of noxious gas when burned and can be melted down and recycled.